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My research-oriented furniture & homeware editor focused on the local and efficient production of long-lasting utilitarian objects, under a precise set of rules.

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  1. Limits
  2. Conditions
  3. Consequences
  1. Limits:
  2. Researching contemporary relationships between human behavior and artificial objects on a domestic space.

    Limits Diagram, 2024
    Limits Diagram, 2024
  3. Conditions:
    • Practice-as-research
      In the sense of exploring material possibilities, design language must foster curiosity, imagination, knowledge, and critical thinking, maintaining a solid ethical and environmental stance.
    • Linked components
      Enhancing the potentials of modularity, recombination, and variables in use, object systems must be open, simple, and flexible, encouraging action as a discursive activity.
    • Production networks
      To reduce issues related to dependency, transport, costs of stock, and waste generation, fabrication methodologies must be optimized, replicable, scalable, and decentralized, proposing viable production solutions for the future.
    • Irreproachable things
      And after all, in practical terms, products must be affordable, useful, everlasting, and self-explanatory; otherwise, these are purely theoretical shenanigans.
    Conditions Diagram, 2023
    Conditions Diagram, 2023
  4. Consequences:
    • Aesthetical principle: Simple
      Design straightforward objects with a trend-independent aesthetic, good intuitive user experience, reject ornament and unnecessary conceptual layers, as tastes are contextual but being useful is not; utility is beauty.
    • Economical principle: Methodic
      Design for degrowth, sustainability, minimal resource impact, standardized materials and processes, as in a world with limited resources efficiency is critical; optimize everything.
    • Geographical principle: Local
      Design for accessible materials and processes, native economies and production networks, fair redistribution of money, as the real value of objects depends on how they improve the lives of those around you; produce close.
    • Temporal principle: Enduring
      Design for multiple uses, reconfiguration, easy repairability, disassembly and separation of materials, quality long-lasting objects, as the longer the product life the later it needs to be replaced; end obsolescence.
    Consequences Diagram, 2023
    Consequences Diagram, 2023

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